The 'A' Team

FK Law Chambers has three key partners, Prof. Angelo Mtitu Mapunda (Senior Partner); Dr. Mkombozi Vincent Mhina (Senior Partner); and Mr. Deusdedith Mayomba Duncan (Senior Partner). The team is bolstered by Mr. Martin Nasson, a tax consultant, having retired as Commissioner for the Department of Large Tax Payers of the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA). Perhaps worth mentioning is the recognition and award bestowed to one of our Senior Partner, Mr. Deusdedith Mayomba Duncan in 2012 as the leading lawyer in Tanzania by the International Financial Law Review (IFLR), a leading financial and corporate law publication.

The firm is an equal opportunity employer and devotes significant resources to attract the brightest and finest legal talents. Principal partners either commenced their careers with the firm and are now highly respected counsels and experts in their specialty areas or joined the firm as professionals after successful careers in Government, industry or academia prior to qualifying as lawyers. A number of partners are highly regarded academicians (graduates of respected international Universities) indeed, their collective invaluable experience is the firm ' s cornerstone.

These outstanding individuals have been invited to serve as Board members of companies and in various government and non-government advisory committees, committees of inquiry and commissions.

The key partners are assisted in their daily work by a team of carefully picked and vetted associates, legal officers and legal secretaries. The firm's success is driven by its profound culture of providing commercially sensitive advice, and innovative solutions to complex legal business issues accurately, timely and cost-effectively.

Our Philosophy

FK Law Chambers ascribes to the business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices and efficiency: Kaizen. This philosophy is indeed reinforced by academicians within its ranks, sharpening skills through continuous education and research, all partners and legal personnel are assisted in pursuing further legal education and other related relevant training within and outside the country.

The firm further, assists eligible legal officers to obtain the requisite statutory qualifications to sit for the bar exam and enrolling to the bar. Currently the firm, besides the key partners, is served by Associate Partners who are all qualified legal practitioners and Legal Counsels. Through its business philosophy, FK is proud of its matchless record in investing in the training its staff who excel exceptionally well in their careers.