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Who We Are

FK Law Chambers is business law firm, serving both private and public clients throughout the East African region and beyond. Established in 1995, FK Law Chambers is an experienced legal and business sector firm in Tanzania today. Started as a specialized Tax Law Firm, the firm, over the years, has colossally expanded its practice areas and the level of expertise. The firm’s notable areas of success include: negotiating $65 million financing for Kagera Sugar Limited; mediating, successfully a passing off and trademark infringement dispute between Colgate Palmolive (US) and Chem Cotex (TZ); undertaking a study on regulations under the Companies Act 2002 as well as work on the Tanzanian Draft Arbitration Bill and Rules, and the East African Draft Arbitration Bill and Rules and Drafting a Model Standard Mining Development Agreement. The firm also prepared and presented a Situation Analysis on the Legal Framework Governing Oil Spill Liability in the United Republic of Tanzania for Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP, Pennsylvania Washington, D.C.

FK Law Chambers has a team of highly reputable, skilled, ethical and respected lawyers within their respective areas of practices. The team has been recognized by Chambers Global and other leading international industry publications for its market outstanding practices in areas of general litigation, taxation, corporate & commercial transactions, employment, labour & Immigration, construction engineering & Infrastructure, project finance & banking, private public partnerships (P3s), investment & international trade, trade marks, patents & copyright, mining and e-research. Lately, the firm has expanded its practice areas to include emerging new areas including oil & gas regulatory and fiscal regimes, competition law, financial leasing, environmental law, and telecommunications law.

FK Law Chambers' pro bono work focuses on the issues that directly impact the lives of the people in the communities in which the firm’s counsels live and work. Through legal aid clients assigned by the firm to its counsels and those cases assigned by the Tanganyika Law Society, the firm’s legal team has performed thousands of hours of pro bono work on issues as diverse as children in disputed relationships, land ownership disputes and domestic violence.